New Ways to Stalk?

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In the article “Facebook offers friend-stalking option,” by Nick Wood discusses that now Facebook now has an option where friend’s can now follow their friends to see precisely where they are. Not only will these people be able to see where their friends are at, but they also have the option to state how long they will be staying at this location for. Andrea Vaccari, Facebook’s product manager states, “Your friends will only be able to see that you’re nearby if you share this infer with them and vice versa. Nearby Friends is an optional feature… You can turn it on and off at any time.” No only will Facebook launch this feature for friends but they are also going to be launching a feature where advertisers will be able to tap the user base of others personal data without people being logged into Facebook.

This is scary to think about that all these different social medias are trying to make it easier for people to find one another. Instead of someone dialing a number or sending a text to see where their friends are they can simply go onto their Facebook and see exactly where they are, how far they are from one another and precisely how long they will be at this location. Although you have to agree to share this, once you do agree anyone who can get onto your Facebook will also be able to see where your friend and possibly you will be. This is a way for stalkers to close in on their victims. Some people may see this as convenient, where I see it as unsafe. Technology is taking over each and everyday and we need to remember everything that we post on the Internet is there forever and for anyone to see.


One thought on “New Ways to Stalk?

  1. I agree with you in the sense that this isn’t safe and I don’t think this should even be an option. It’s one thing for people to “check-in” on facebook or post where they are, but to constantly have an automatic update on where they are doesn’t seem right to me. If I wanted my friends or family to know where I was, then I would just text them. There are enough creepy and harmful people in this world, I wouldn’t want to put myself at more of a risk of becoming stalked. I just don’t understand why all these advances are being done to make it easier for people to become stalked. I would never agree to this, and at least in the article it said that “Nearby Friends” is an optional feature and you can chose to turn it on or off.

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